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Here you find useful information regarding the Coronavirus Covid-19, including what to do if you need help, how you can help/volunteer and government advice.

About your Parish

Very little is known about early settlement in Roade. Archaeological evidence is sparse but some items from the prehistoric to Roman periods have been found in the parish. Roman coins and pottery were found in Roade before 1904 and in the 1920s and 30s a flint arrowhead, an Iron Age ring and a Roman bronze pin were found in the Primary School garden. The evidence indicates that there were people living in the parish from prehistoric times but it is not clear how long the site of the village has been continuously occupied.

The place name 'Rode' from the Old English word 'rod' meaning 'a clearing in a forest', indicates a settlement in a wooded area in Saxon times. Doomsday Book records a landholding for one plough occupied by two smallholder's and some woodland at Roade and a larger area of 'waste' which later became the Hyde estate.

The oldest building in Roade, St Mary's Church, dates from the early 12th century, when it was owned by the Norman lords of Hartwell and Ashton.

The earliest known maps of Roade were made for the second Duke of Grafton in the 1720s. Many of the old stone houses in the village are shown on these maps.

After the open fields were enclosed in 1819 the landscape around Roade was transformed but the village itself did not change much until the railway arrived in the 1830s bringing more jobs, houses and pubs.

The factory at the end of The Leys opened around 1910 and became Pianoforte Supplies Ltd after it was taken over by Cyril Cripps in 1923. The Cripps family and their businesses were to have a major impact on the village. The factory expanded until the workforce reached a peak of around 1,800 in the 1960s. The Cripps family became important benefactors and, although the factory has now closed, their business has prospered elsewhere and is still a major landowner in the village.

The railway station closed in 1964 but Roade remained an important service centre for the surrounding area, with a large secondary school, built in 1956.

Roade is still very much an 'open village' where numerous small businesses are based. Although many people work elsewhere, recent surveys have shown that residents enjoy living in Roade and the village has a strong sense of identity and community spirit.

Latest News

Census 2021

Census 2021

Posted: Mon, 25 Jan 2021 13:20 by Parish Clerk

The next Census will take place on 21 March.

You'll soon see advertisements on the TV and in newspapers and towards the end of February a postcard will be delivered to your home to remind you that the Census is happening. More »

At the beginning of March, you will receive an Information Pack in the post which will tell you all you need to know about completing the Census form. Remember, you complete one form per household.

You'll be able to complete the form online, but if you don't have your own computer (or tablet or smart phone) you can ask a family member or someone else you trust to help you. If you'd prefer to fill in a paper form, the Information Pack will tell you how to ask for one.

You can start to complete the form as soon as you get it, but you should complete it no later than 21 March.

Please don't worry about filling in the form. You can get help from the special Census Help Line (the number will be in your Information Pack). » Less

Free Temporary Membership for NHS COVID Vaccine Appointments

Free Temporary Membership for NHS COVID Vaccine Appointments

Posted: Fri, 22 Jan 2021 09:14 by Parish Clerk

Towcester are door 2 door (TADD) are offering free temporary TADD membership to residents who have difficulty arranging transport to their NHS COVID vaccine programme appointments. The passenger will only have to pay the driver the cost of the journey at the HMRC rate of 45p per mile. More »

Should you know of anybody in the community who may need to make use of this service please contact TADD using the online contact form and they will get in touch.

They cannot accept applications by telephone.

More details about TADD including the area covered, price list, membership and how to become a volunteer driver are available on their website. » Less

Covid Support bubbles

Covid Support bubbles

Posted: Thu, 21 Jan 2021 10:16 by Parish Clerk

What a support bubble is:

A support bubble is a support network which links 2 households. You have to meet certain eligibility rules to form a support bubble. This means not everyone will be able to form a support bubble. More »

Once you're in a support bubble, you can think of yourself as being in one 'household'. It means you can have close contact with the other household in your bubble as if they were members of your own household. This means you do not need to maintain social distance with people in your support bubble.

You should continue to follow social distancing guidance with people outside of your household or support bubble. This is critical to keeping you, your family and friends as safe as possible.

If you form a support bubble, it is best if this is with a household who live locally. This will help prevent the virus spreading from an area where more people are infected.

Who can make a support bubble?

Not everybody can form a support bubble. However, on 2 December 2020 the rules changed to widen eligibility for forming one.

You can form a support bubble with another household of any size if:

- you live by yourself – even if carers visit you to provide support
- you are the only adult in your household who does not need continuous care as a result of a disability
- your household includes a child who is under the age of one or was under that age on 2 December 2020
- your household includes a child with a disability who requires continuous care and is under the age of 5, or was under that age on 2 December 2020
- you are aged 16 or 17 living with others of the same age and without any adults
- you are a single adult living with one or more children who are under the age of 18 or were under that age on 12 June 2020
- You should not form a support bubble with a household that is part of another support bubble.

For more information visit » Less