Serving the people of Roade

  • The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on Monday 10th May at 7pm.
  • The Annual Parish Meeting will be held remotely on Tuesday 27th April at 7pm


Roade Cemetery was established in 1894, the land and access from what is now Manor Close having been donated to the Roade Burial Board by the Grafton Estate, and the first burial, of one Bridget Parish, aged 40, took place on 26th December 1894.

Roade Parish Council erected the new Cemetery Gates in January 2000 in commemoration of the end of the 20th Century and as a celebration of the birth of the 21st Century.

Once through these gates, a short walk along the path brings the visitor to the very pretty little chapel originally built in 1893 and renovated by Roade Parish Council in 1989.

Alongside the chapel another gate leads through to a rather beautiful, quiet place where bereaved families can sit and quietly mourn their loved ones.

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