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Roxhill Public Consultation

Posted: Thu, 12 Oct 2017 16:14 by Parish Clerk

Roxhill have announced their statutory public consultation and to accompany it have produced a public newsletter which is available on this website.

The following dates show when and where the public consultation exhibitions will be -

Hilton Hotel, Collingtree Monday 9th October, 1.30pm – 7.30pm

The Royal Oak pub, Blisworth Wednesday 11th October, 1.30pm – 7.30pm

Milton Malsor Village Hall Friday 13th October, 2pm – 7.30pm

Roade Primary School Saturday 14th October, 12 noon – 5pm The Forum, Moat Lane, Towcester (SNDC Council Chamber) Friday 20th October, 2pm – 7pm

The newsletter outlines the proposals for the Northampton Gateway Development which will include -

 A rail freight terminal (and express freight facility) with the capacity to accommodate up to 16 trains per day in the
 468,000 sq.m. of rail-served warehousing with mezzanine floorspace and ancillary office accommodation
 Substantial improvements to the local highways network, including works at Junctions 15 and 15a of the M1
motorway, and a number of local junctions, to improve safety, capacity and to reduce congestion
 Provision of a new Roade Bypass to alleviate local traffic concerns and impacts

The statutory stage of public consultation is being held from 9th October to 24th November 2017. The dates and venues of the consultation exhibitions are shown on the front page of this leaflet. The exhibitions will include large-scale boards containing information about the proposals. Subject to the limitations of the size of rooms available the intention is also to display a physical model of the Proposed Development – as a minimum this will be on display at the events in Collingtree, Roade, and Towcester. A digital model showing key viewpoints of the site will be available at all of the exhibitions, as will a simulation showing the proposed Junction 15 improvements.

After the public consultation period ends on 24th November comments and suggestions will be reviewed as part of progressing and finalising the proposals and application documents. Comments will be summarised in a Consultation Report. Roxhill expect to submit an application for a Development Consent Order in the first quarter of 2018. Comments can be made via the following methods:

 By hand (or post – see below) via a printed comments form available at the public exhibitions;  Online via the comments form on the project website:  By email to:  By telephone using the project phone line: 01788 538440;  By post to: Northampton Gateway SRF

In addition to the public consultation events the documents can be read at Roade Library and Roade Parish Council Office, Bailey Brook Lane. (subject to office opening times Tues/Wed Thurs 10-2pm)

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