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Accessibility Review for footpaths around Roade - Please give us your feedback

Roade Parish Council are asking residents for their views on the accessibility of Roade. If there is a footpath or an area that causes access issues, we want to hear.

Cllr Reilly gives her view as to why this review is important;

At various Council events throughout the year, I have been speaking with residents regarding their difficulties accessing parts of the village and I am appalled at some of the lengths people have to go to just to get to their destination, so we want to help you. I have fibromyalgia, am hypermobile and have recently sprained my ankle. Why is this relevant? Because of my disabilities and injury, the footpaths in and around Roade are in such a poor condition they are causing me pain and so I avoid them. This isn't something that you would normally post on social media or necessarily speak out about for fear of being ridiculed; well, I am! My difficulties are very minor compared with others I have spoken to.

Whether you have a disability or not, we would like to hear your views about specific areas in Roade that are causing you difficulties, pain or you have to avoid completely. Access for buggies, mobility scooters, bicycles are equally relevant to this review. The form is confidential unless you want to leave your contact details; if you would prefer a confidential conversation, please contact the clerk or myself.

Let's be realistic, we are not going to get every footpath re-laid, widened or cleared. But with the help of your views and the support from relevant organisations we can make a start to improve access in and around Roade for everyone.

We'd like to hear about specific areas or footpaths that cause difficulty, are overgrown, restrict access, are avoided or anything else you feel is relevant.

Please complete the form on the link below, or complete a paper copy that will be available from Roade Community Library or from the Parish Office and return it to us by Monday 6th January 2023, Thank you.

Posted: Tue, 29 Nov 2022 08:39 by Parish Clerk

Tags: Consultation, community