Serving the people of Roade

  • The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on Monday 12th July at 7pm in St Mary's Church Hall

The Transparency Code 2015 requires that local authorities must also publish details of any contract, commissioned activity, purchase order, framework agreement and any other legally enforceable agreement with a value that exceeds £5,000:

For information on year's prior to this, please put a request to


The Code also requires that local authorities must publish details of every invitation to tender for contracts to provide goods and/or services with a value that exceeds £5,000.

For each invitation, the following details must be published:

  1. Reference number
  2. Title
  3. Description of the goods and/or services sought
  4. Start, end and review date

Roade Parish Council publishes details of invitations to tender and contracts as and when necessary.

Grass Mowing Contract 2021 - 2023/4

1. Reference number: 2021-01

2. Grass Mowing of the village (3 year contract)

3. Grass Mowing all village verges, greens owned by the Parish Council or West Northants Highways in the village of Roade.

4. Start date for quotations: 22nd December 2020 - end date 5pm 5th February 2021 - Review date 8th March 2021.

The tender documents and process can be found at grass-mowing-in-the-village.html

Last updated: Mon, 17 May 2021 12:49