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  • The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on Monday 10th October at 7pm in St Mary's Church Hall
  • The next Community Safety Committee Meeting will be held at 7.15pm on Monday 5th December at Roade Library
  • The next F&GP Meeting will be held on Thursday 29th September at 7.15pm, at the Parish Office

Information regarding the new rail freight terminal and planned bypass.

Proposed amendment of Development Consent Order for Northampton Gateway Project

  • Contact details and information for objection to SEGRO's proposed amendments to the DCO (PDF, 171 Kb)

    Closing Date for Consultation: 11:59 on 26th September 2022

    Attached is an information sheet which contains important information about how to object to the proposed SEGRO amendment at Junction 15.

    We need all residents to respond strongly but letters must be individual to be counted, not a template or a copy.

    We have been advised that you need to send SEPARATE and INDIVIDUAL letters or emails firstly to the planning inspectorate dealing with this amendment and a separate letter (not just a copy) to Dame Andrea Leadsom (see contact details in the attached document).

    You must ensure that you include your name, address, postcode and email (if you have one) otherwise your letters and emails will not be acknowledged.

    Please quote "Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange Project – Non-Material Change TR050006" on all correspondence.

    Please help us to fight the new Gateway SEGRO proposals by forwarding this to your contacts and help friends to send in their objections.

    Closing Date for Consultation: 11:59 on 26th September 2022.

  • Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange Order 2019 - Proposed non-material change to the order (PDF, 970 Kb)

    Notification of the consultation period for the amendment to SEGRO's original planning application which will allow the developers to begin using the warehousing units ahead of the completion of the rail/freight interchange. This is a significant change in their original planning application and will create further road traffic issues through the surrounding area particularly every time the M1 junction is closed or even when there are traffic delays on the M1.

    The consultation period is from 11th August 2022 to 26 September 2022 which is a relatively short period of time.

  • Letter to Secretary of State for Transport (PDF, 197 Kb)

    Letter sent to Grant Shapps MP - Department for Transport, requesting that he objects to the amendment by SEGRO to request the occupation and usage of the warehouses before the completion of the railhead terminal on site.


Roade Parish Council wrote to residents living along Blisworth Road, Dovecote Road, Priory Crescent and Hyde Road to advise about the planned bypass, this letter included a copy of the bypass plan.

  • Rail Freight Letter to residents - September 2021 (PDF, 204 Kb)

    A copy of this letter was delivered to residents on Blisworth Road, Dovecote Road, Priory Crescent and Hyde Road.

  • Bypass plan (PDF, 1.1 Mb)

    A copy of the bypass plan was delivered along with the above letter to residents on Blisworth Road, Dovecote Road, Priory Crescent and Hyde Road.

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